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3D Printing for the DIY'er


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I have several issues of Make. They got me thinking about building a CNC machine. I bought a book they recommended. Made from MDF and aluminum angle using a router motor.


Pretty neat.

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That's pretty cool, particularly given the price point. I could see a lot of applications for motorcycle/car/boat/whatever enthusiasts, for whom a plastic part of a given shape and dimension might be "just the right thing." Ultimately, DIYers should be able to share files of their creations/solutions, allowing others to replicate what other talented users have designed.


Very cool.

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We routinely use similar technology for some of our robotic components. While its a great tool for fit and function, it doesn't hold up for any extended use. And tolerances are loose at best.


But for the home enthusiast, this could be fun. With proper binders (and do be aware that there are some fairly toxic binders required to pull this off) and colors these are great for making models.


Mike O

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