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Winter Rally at Camp Blanding Fl.


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As of last night they still 20 or so openings.

Just register on that website. Preregistration is required.

They will close registration as of Jan 7th or when they reach 550 registration, which ever first.

I think registration is a little slow.


But you could download the GPS ride files for use during the rally, or anytime else.


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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Froze my tail off down there last year about this time for work 29F. Check the weather.

The two cafeteria's, if open, aren't bad. Aren't good either but very affordable and made an acceptable cheeseburger.

Cool lake in the middle of the camp and an interesting history.

FSP were working Blanding Ave in the narrow section a few miles north of the Camp.

Cool tiny aircraft museum on the base and base police are rumored to work speed limits but, I never saw them out much!

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Yes, they are very strict with the speed limit.

I normally only eat dinner at the rally.

I run into Gainesville for either a bagel/coffee (The Bagel Bakery) or into High Springs (The Coffee Clutch).

Check out the GPS routes for more details.

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Dave, You can still get signed up today or tomorrow. Ride your 800 down and go on Saturday's GS ride. This is the tenth year I've organized it and pretty much have it down to a science by now. :grin:


The entire Rally is a lot of fun, there are great seminars, an extensive swap meet, and other side attractions. A lot of people come back year after year for the GS ride, it really is great fun, I know you'd like it. Hope we see you.

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Great people involved.

We're not going this year but have in the past.

Will guarantee excellent steak on Saturday night (cook it yerself) and it will at some point be cold/windy/or wet or all of the above.


But, worth it.

Good grub is findable in the surrounding environs.


If you choose not to, then head down to Cedar Key later in the month, rumor has it more than a few Jorjans are heading that way.

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