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TB Sync


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I spent the weekend (between football games) doing a full service on my 07RT. New tires, alt belt, valve adjust, plugs and TB sync. I'll do all fluids in another few K miles. Anyway, on my TB Sync (Twinmax), I was unable to get a full sync on the left side so I went to the right side and did more adjustment there until the needle centered at all RPMs. Is that ok? I figured it didn't make any difference on which side you adjust as long as you can match the vacuum levels. Am I correct?

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Most of us work on the right side.

The most important thing is there must be a little slack with the cables on each side with the throttle closed. You may have changed this when working in the left side. Put your ear near each throttle body and listen for that metal click of the the throttle body resting on its stop as you close the throttle.

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