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I live in the desert, this just ain't right! :eek:

There's this white stuff, fallin' outta the sky, and then just layin' around on the ground! Can we blame this on Al Gore?


heyfrank, missed ya today, we know how much you dig ridin' with us! :rofl:



Don J :wave:

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When you say "winter ride" you REALLY mean it!

Tell the truth now...

You guys went looking for snow and ice didn't you? :rofl:

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Mrduck. You guys are crazy. We got snow in Santa Clarita and I did not take the bike out. Come to think about, I did not go out either.Where was that road? LA forest hwy.

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IMFAMOUS LURCKER-You all know who!

This was all his idea! He made me do it! (Well, lunch at the Rock Inn in Lake Hughes sounded like a good idea at the time) Didn't make it there, we decided this might be a good spot to turn back!



Don J :wave:

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I got my first ride of the year in yesterday (just 75 miles), but I waited until the roads were clear. I won't ride in snow or ice on purpose, and I also try to wait until the salt is off the road.



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Paul Mihalka

"Didn't make it there, we decided this might be a good spot to turn back!"

Good that good sense kicked in in time... :)

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Don........Looks like that reverse gear you put in that 1150 works well....You backed 'er right in there......... :rofl:


I'm curious along with Frank......Where is that?.....Looks like it might be the back road up from Quail Lake area towards the Rock House.........

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Hmmm, let me take a wild guess. Cornelius??? Man of 1000 (good) stories.


Are you folks departing for DV 8am at Starbucks??


Ya know, the man just knows how to live well :rofl:


Starbucks yes, but stand by, maybe a little later start time!

I'll letcha know....



Don J :wave:

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