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Quick Disconnects on R1100RT?


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Too cold in the garage to strip off the plastic right now and I never had to look before. Does the R1100RT (mine's a 2001) have fuel line quick disconnects?


I have to remove the gas tank to get access to the ABS module and if it doesn't already have them I would order a set from Beemer Boneyard and install them. My ABS module just went into the "Piston Fault" mode, fault code number 16, and I'm going to put on a replacement and them try to dis-assemble and clean up the pistons to see if the original can be repaired.

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The 1100 does not have QDs. Only the return line will flow fuel and the tank fixing bolt is a perfect fit for a stopper.




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Danny caddyshack Noonan


Although it didn't work to fix my faults, the ABS pistons can be pulled while on the bike. You just have to create and maintain a clean area.



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I only take off the tank when this is necessary, like changing the fuel filter or so.


Otherwise, I park the bike near a wall, on the R/H side and put a old cloth on the right side cylinder and support the tank on the cyl and on the wall. Of course, there's a rug on the top of the tank too so that it doesn't scratch. It worked just fine so far for me ;)



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John Dickens

Not fitted as standard but I've retro fitted them to mine.


Very useful when you are servicing the fuel filter and handy if you need to drain out a little fuel.

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