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Snow Rockster E80 Video

Rampant Rockster

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I think that white stuff is cocaine...it is just falling from the sky. At least that stopped the pain from that crash. :rofl:


Anyone seen "Better off Dead"?

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Poster: ESokoloff

Subject: Re: Snow Rockster E80 Video


Whats all that white stuff confused


In Alberta we call it 7 months of no riding!! :(



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I had my R1200RT out for a toot Chrismas day. Found a clear stretch I could get her up to 160 (kph). That felt sooo good!


Two thumbs up for Gerbings! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Happy Trails



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Two thoughts:

1) Nice robust set of crash bars on that bike!

2) In the rider shots, there was a whole lot of leg action going on.

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