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Holiday Greetings Thread


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And I will start:


Merry Christmas from David and Connie Hutchinson, and our three monsters. Wishing each of our BMW ST family members a wonderful and joyous Christmas.

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Happy Holidays is way too politically correct for me.....Merry Christmas everyone!


Me also but I didn't want to exclude or discourage anyone. We celebrate a Christian Christmas in our home but respect that others may not.

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Merry Christmas and safe riding to all! Christmas came early for me.....my Russell Day-Long saddle arrived Tuesday! I put it on and rode 150 miles. S-W-E-E-T......then being an opportunistic type.....I wrapped the pillion portion for the wife and put it under the tree :clap: Hope she takes it well!

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays. I think you are all blessed

and gifted in your own unique ways and I am grateful to be a part

of it all in some small way! Now lets eat!

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