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"99" R1100RT Rotten Egg Smell???


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It depends......Does it only smell when it is running? Could be rodents, if no.

If it does smell when running, try different fuel. Old fuel does strange things like this as well.

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Any TOM CATS in the area? I had a similar problem last summer and found out that it was a tc spraying om the exhaust header. Mighty rough until it burned off.



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Are you following someone on a Honda? I dont think you could bear it if you were following a Harley, But a Honda would just be stinky.


Or worse a Ford F250 diesel...

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Yeeha! Stephen

I thought I smelled burnt feathers on my bike. Searched for a bird stuck in the pipes and eventually found a pin-hole in the remote pre-load hose. T'was dripping/spewing on the Cat and smelling things up awfully!





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