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R90S Eminence Front Video

Rampant Rockster

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Lovely! I had a '74, and later a '76. Both Silver Smoke. It is amazing that they are 35 years old, and still perfectly happy in today's traffic and roads.

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Rampant Rockster
The badge on the seat pan is missing, and what happened to the starter and airbox covers..?


The badge is there, albeit faded. The chrome highlight is gone. The starter cover and airbox were powder coated when I got the bike 16 yrs ago. I assumed that a previous owner had it done. They have never broke, so I haven't had to replace them.


Glad you all enjoyed the video.


1975 R90S

1980 R100T

2004 R1150R Rockster Edition 80

2006 F650GS


"I choose to ride...God chooses the weather."

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