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Which windshield for r1200rt, Ztechnik or Cee Baily?


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Which windshield is best for the RT? I am looking at the Cee Baily and the Ztechnik. I have a 2009 RT and my wife gets head buffetting. She is short, about 5'3". I am 5'9". Also, which one blocks the cold weather best, year long rider here in SC, but it does get hot in summer.....

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I have a Ztechnik, and like it a lot. I'm in NC and use it in all but HOT weather. When hot, I use the stock windscreen to increase air flow to body.


Haven't had a Cee Bailey on a RT, but used on on a Vstrom. Liked it a lot, too. After about 49K miles, it developed cracks at the mounting holes; otherwise, it worked well to deflect the air and bugs.


I doubt you'll find a consensus since each person's tolerance for air and comfort is so different. Consider finding a good used one of either type, try it and if it doesn't suit, sell it and find a used one of the other type. I do that a lot and almost always get my $ back from the item when bought used. Makes trying different things affordable.

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I know this doesn't answer your question,but I have both. In the hot clear weather,I use the stock windshield.If it's cold but not rainy,I use the Cee. If it is raining or going to rain,I put the Zee on.



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I've been using a Cee Baily with total success. Albeit with a minor alteration.

The windshield was too high, even in the low position I couldn't see the road ahead in the twisties without having to look through the windshield.

Answer: I lowered the windshield for the twisties by cutting a new set of mounting holes in it. These holes are 1 3/4 inches higher than the original, which now LOWERS the windshield that same amount. A nice undistorted view in the twisties and comfort for the wife when out on the highway with it raised by using the electric positioning.

The Baily has the upflip across the top edge which was good for emininating buffeting on my wife.

Hope this helps

PS: The avatar is our little R1100RS

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When I was having problems with my windshield I was directed by someone on this forum to check out this sizing chart. Made a lot of difference starting with the proper height screen.

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Wind screen choices are like oil threads, lol. I love my larger Cal Sci aftermarket wind screen (this style has venturi or NACA-like openings near the base). Quiet and much less turbulence.

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I have two 1200RTs, one on each coast. I have a Cee Bailey on one and a Ztechnic on the other. I like both and I don't think you would go wrong with either pick. I my opinion, I think the Z fits the edgy design of the bike better but I'd might give a slight plus to the Cee Bailey for protection. They are so close, it would probably come down to price for me--especially if I could find a good used one.

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I recommend using the Cee Baily "Rally Sport" shield for the summers. I used a similar one on my 1100RT from June to Sept here in GA and loved it. HERE is a link to it.

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No intent to hi-jack, but along with after market shields often comes a need for stronger support arms. Please direct me to the aluminum arms referred to in earlier posts. Thanks.

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I have the Ztechnic V-Stream and it is definitely better than stock, and looks good too. I also just got the Puig screen. It is better wind and noise protection than V-Stream, but optics are much worse. I sent the first one back for optical issues. The second one is better, but they did a slight flip up at the top of the screen and it definitely causes distortion. So the V-Stream better for every day around town, the Puig better for long hauls on the highway.

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