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Hiway Pegs


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So as i get older i realize i need an additional footpeg system to get my knees in a differt angle once in a while.


Has anyone tried these?



I know the J-pegs Elf pegs are really nice, but i am on a major budget and the Elfs are 350 bucks.


I an cocerned with 2 things on these. Is there any concern that these can cause valve cover oil leaks?

And they look kinda thin, will the bend easily?


Im thinking about just tracing out a pattern and making my own based on this design if they work okay.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan


I have those in your link. Steel, I'd guess they're about 3/16 plus a layer of paint. I have a KLR also in the garage so am not shy about going cheap and functional.


Yes they can cause oil leaks. However, to make that happen you have to do the following first:

1-Leave on a 1500 mile trip with your wife and stop for breakfast a couple hours from home. Have the foot lever weld fail on your centerstand while putting the bike up. Then, with a stupid look on your face, watch as it falls over on its right side with the only damage being to the bracket that is part of the footpeg itself.

2-Three hours further down the road, realize the minor bend in the right footpeg makes it difficult to keep you foot up there.

3-Use your foot to "bend" the footpeg back into a good position. That will result in shearing the other 70% of the thread that didn't shear when the bike fell over.

4-Use the peg while riding into Oregon on I-97 and wonder why the peg is so damn slippery and why your pants are covered with oil.

5-Ride the 325 miles back home the same day while not taking your eyes off of the oil light. Turns out, it only leaked when my foot was on the highway peg, after the threads sheared.


Other than that, a person cannot generate the torque necessary to open that bolted joint.


Non-anecdotally though, they turn a maximum 5 hour riding day, due to knee pain, into a 14 or 15 hour day and able to transit 7 bonafide Sierra passes.

Just hung driving lights from mine also using the footpeg shaft screw and some angle aluminum.

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afternoon to you guys, i agree with 74c5, i have foldable pegs on mine, and i open and close them by hand, not my feet, i just rest my feet on them , not putting too much weight on the bolts, no leaks , ever , i just torgue them to specs when i do valve adjustments , lee

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Burton Briggs from Sierra BMW go for $60. I've had them for a couple of years. You can set them up in any one of 4 positions (top fwd/rear, bottom fwd/rear). There is a potential for stripping out the valve cover bolt holes, but they come with spacers to give a feel for bottoming the bolts before anything strips. I used the spacers for a while and then just went to using the pegs without them. They do fine. Of course if you really honk on the bolts, you'll strip them regardless. The peg plates are steel, and substantial. I inadvertently bent one slightly and it took a sledge to straighten it back out. From what I've read, most who complain about them or have some fear of them failing in a particular mode have never used them. Attached are photos for top forward and bottom rear. I'm a short fella so the bottom rear worked out best for me.



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Danny caddyshack Noonan

I think it's just plates even from Sierra. I found a pair of crappy pegs on some obscure web page that fold, mostly rubber covered, and most importantly, were cheap.


I think it was Crescent Moon cycles:

Fold-Up Footpegs

Item# 49-358

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Perfect, thanks guy.


I think im gonna give making a pair a try since i have some angle iron laying around. I have some 2x3x3/16 angle and im gonna make a paper template and cut it out on the 3" side and trim the 2" side down to a really small flange to add a little stiffening. I dont know if those plate you have are heat treated or some high tensile alloy steel. My angle is just basic angle stock, so im gonna leave about a 1/2" flange return that will band back over the top of the head.


I will cut out the scalloped shape to go around the valve cover bolts and drill out the holes, but i will leave the front edge a bit long at first so i can mark where the pegs feel the best and then drill the holes for some cheapo pegs and trim the front edge to a nice shape, grind and sand them all smooth and a shot of silver paint and bolt them on.

I made some rear foot pegs for my old KTM 400 and i got some cheap footpegs for like 10 bucks.

Let you guys know if it works...If not i will buy the nice plates and i need the pegs anyway, so im not out anything by trying right?

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