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Anyone in or near Milford, Ma, to look at a bike for a friend?


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I have a pal in San Diego who is very interested in an '05 R1200RT he has located in Milford, MA.


Looks like a nice bike but he would appreciate an experienced person to take a personal look before he moves ahead.

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Too bad it is not the other way, I would be happy to buzz over to San Diego and look at bike for someone in the east coast area.


Sorry i am once again USELESS...you guys must be hanging around with my wife...LOL

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Saw it on my daily CL treasure hunt. Looks clean as can be but NADA sez less $$$. Have no time this week to take a look, sorry.




Know anyone nearby you trust to give an opinion?



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I'm in the area and could probably find time to look at it. Have you talked to the guy? I saw that one on craigslist a few days ago, i think he also has a GS for sale. Send me an e-mail with your contact info and we can try to work this out.


Brian Anderson



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Brian, you think that potential buyer decided not to buy?


I heard from him and as of this morning, Monday, he has recently discovered a bike local to his town... it just came up on the listings and he seems interested- so, at this point no assistance needed.


Thank you all for attempting to help a pal.



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