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Time for a new GPS/BlueTooth Headset ??


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I'm using a Garmin 2720, been a great unit, no problems with it, but now I'm wanting to add bluetooth for bike 2 bike communications, thinking about that, I won't be able to hear my GPS any more. I have Splugs in ear canal earphones I'm using now, and they work wonderful.


So if I get a bike 2 bike bluetooth, I won't be able to use the sPlug earphones any more,


Does this mean it's time to upgrade the GPS to one with Bluetooth? plus buy the Sena SMH10 bike 2 bike units which WebBike World rated as top dog in the blue tooth communicator war?

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Afternoon Phil


Obviously buying a new GPS would be the easy way out but there are some workarounds like buying a little Blue Tooth transmitter to hard wire to your GPS then link up with your SMH10.


If you do a little research on the Sena SMH10 they do make a helmet mount that takes their Blue Tooth helmet receiver and will let you plug your existing earphones into. (I’m looking into that one for voice in my cop helmet as it has no place to mount speakers)


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Blue Tooth transmitter,? do you have a brand name for such a critter?


The reason I would like to keep my present Garmin 2720 is I have 2 motorcycles I use it on, and if I buy a new GPS, then I will have the expense of new mounting cradles for both bikes.


The current GPS I'm using on my motorcycles also has a current 2010 map on it, I see no reason to toss it out too.


I thought about maybe a Garmin 2820, buying one used, that has BlueTooth on it, but I don't see any online for a cheap price, and most likely I'd be looking for a more updated mapping program too.


So,, Bluetooth transmitter, tell me more......



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Afternoon Phil


I know little about the different units other than there are some available.


You might try Goggling--



“GPS bluetooth transmitter”




“Ipod bluetooth transmitter”


I have a friend that has one for his Ipod that streams music from his Ipod into Bluetooth then to his wireless G-4. I have no idea what brand he has. It’s about size of cigarette pack with a small stereo dongle.


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I have a wiREVO that works great. I plug it into my Garmin Zumo (i.e., the stereo hardwire socket) and pair it with my Helmet BT headset.


Works pretty good.

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