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Little Switzerland Inn

Bob Palin

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randy said


"registered, paypal sent, and reservation made at switzerland INN."


How did he make a reservation - aren't they supposed to look at the paid list before accepting reservations?

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I talked to Gary at the Inn about an hour ago. He said they were in effect snowed in and he was the only one that got in today. I'm guessing he didn't check the page first.


Randy has since registered and Gary did give the girls at the hotel instruction to check it, but sometimes the boss doesn't do all that stuff.

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OK. So far today I've been updating the PAID status as soon as the Paypal email comes in, can't promise to keep that up all the time but will do it at least twice a day. Things usually calm down a lot after the first week.

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Thank you Bob!


I got a PM from Randy about dorking up (I'm a technical guy, I like jargon :rofl:) one registration so I used the admin page to void the erroneous entry.


That's a handy function!

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I think the announcement should open an Unrally Forum as it has in the past. It keeps things from getting mixed up with other ride plans and gives us a clean archive.


I'll set one up.

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