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Autocom vs. Starcom......Not

John Bentall

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Hi all,


Had chats to the MD of Starcom and the International Sales Manager (Autocom) at the UK bike show yesterday.

They will definitely continue as separate brands.

The logic would appear to be:

"If you have $10 of Autocom business and $10 of Starcom business and you combine the two businesses under 1 brand you will have .... $10 of business in total.

The Autocom Brand is being developed and at some time in the future .... don't ask when ... we will have the still-born Super Pro Remote in a new guise and other stuff.

I, for one, will not be throwing out my Autocom gear for any of the new Bluetooth stuff - too many different protocols for my liking.

Autocom did admit that the traditionally extremely strong home market has gone quiet for them but the Far East and Australia are taking off in a very satisfactory manner.



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Hi John


Well I for one am glad to hear that. I have had some pretty good service from Autocom and my unit has been sitting there under the seat just doing its stuff for the last 7-8 years. Any problems have been down to connectors getting a bit worn and dirty - and that is to be expected given the operating conditions for the leads etc.


If my experience is anything to go by then it is not surprising if things in this country have slowed, they must have saturated their market and are now stuck waiting for their original kit to wear out.....



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