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4x6 photo printers???


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Walgreens or Costco or a professional grade photo finisher?


Seriously, for a few 4x6 snapshots now and again I would have to think something like that is the way to go. You submit files online and pick the prints up in a few hours or the next day. They can mail them to you if you prefer to wait.


With the pro shop I use you can even select papers and finish types, although not to the same extent as at home. Still, these metallic papers are pretty cool. I think most finishers will allow you to choose between matte and glossy, at least.


I agree, when you want to be fancy, and do things well, you're going to want to print at home, but then I guess I don't equate that with a 4x6".





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Tom, another option is to print two-up on letter sized paper.


And, if you're using LR 3.x you can create custom "print packages" and arrange custom sizes on 8x11, in cluding some nice montages w/ overlapping images.

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