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LOVE LOVE LOVE my Roadcrafter!!


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I got mine a few months ago, and admittedly it is a little warm for North Carolina summers, but I found it ok on the highway or below 80 degrees. I've never had a serious riding suit, just lighter duty mesh jackets, etc. The fit and quality of mine is just awesome.


Here's where I really LOVE this suit- I'm still commuting to work on my RT, even down to 28 degrees so far. With gauntlet gloves and a light fleece under my suit, I was not cold in any way during my half hour commute that is mostly Interstate. On previous bikes and with lesser riding gear, this type of commute in below freezing temps was agony.

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Ditto on the Roadcrafter. I'm good at higher temps, up to about 90 degrees or so, but I also need more warmth under about 40 degrees (heated jacket does the trick).


Great in the rain. Easy to off and on. Great protection as well.


Best $800 or so that I've spent. Wish I had not spent so much on lower-quality gear in my earlier years of riding...

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My Darien and 2 piece Road Crafter suits were the most bestest 2 rally prizes I ever won. God love'em they work great. Well, that and the Gerbing heated jacket.

I wonder how I survived the Army field jacket days.

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My two-piece Roadcrafter is about eight years old now, and I have to agree it has easily paid for itself. I never zip the two pieces together. After trying a bib for a while, I found that the big, ugly suspenders sold by Riderwearhouse improve the comfort considerably, so I use those all the time now.


The only complaint I have is that it's hard to kick-start my R69S with the pants leg zipped up. It binds my knee. So, I just leave that leg loose until the motor is running, then zip it up and go. On the R12RT, I have no complaints at all, and I ride in temps that range from high thirties to over 100 dry degrees. When it's cold I use a Widder, and when it's hot I wear an evaporative vest.

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Loved mine too, till it shrunk


I've got a couple sets of leathers that did that.....or am just more of a man now? :dopeslap:



The nice part is that I bought it used, sold it for what I paid for it and put the money in the bank. In 1,000,0000 years of interest I can buy another :(

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5 years on my HiVz Darien now and still going strong, though along the way it's become more of a HiGrunge. I ride down into the low 30's if it's dry and I get caught in rain all winter, never left me cold or wet. I got caught riding in the snow a year or two ago with good result (IE; I survived) but I don't recommend it..

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