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Gear box oil change and how NOT to make a mess...


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How do you all change the oil on the trany without getting it all over the place?


I tried a way used on the FJR's, aluminum foil leading into the basin but still made a bit of a mess.

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Evening Nesbocaj


I take an old 1 gallon plastic milk or water jug and cut a slice about 1/2 of the diameter out of it. Leave a piece of the bottom on to hold the shape and give you something to prop it in there with. That also keeps the oil from flowing out the top end.


If done correctly you can use that as a trough to guide ALL the gear oil out and into a drain pan.


You need to jam it up in there under the drain plug hole and terminate it in the drain pan.


If you play around with it a little you will see how to make it work.




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You can easily make a "funnel" from any non-absorbing material. I use a regular plastic funnel. I have seen others use a plastic document protector funnel taped together...

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NAPA is now selling a "funnel" device that can be formed to just about any shape. I have only seen ads in magazines, but plan to get one before the next change.

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Buy your oil from beemerboneyard. There trans and final drive fluid bottles have an internal straw that pulls out of the bottle. I used to struggle with a good solution to this problem all the time, not anymore. Besides you'll probably save a few bucks on the cost of the maintenence kit.



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