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Aerostich cleaning / waterproofing service


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My Darien has two places where the velcro that holds the pads in place on the corners has come off. I talked to them today, they said that it isn't covered under warranty, that I can get some replacement velcro just about anywhere and glue it on.


On the same call I asked about their cleaning service. She explained that its $50 to inspect/clean/waterproof both the pants and the jacket. And very likely fix the missing velcro for $10.


I'm tempted to send it in get it shining and repelling. The only downside is 3wks or so without it, but I'm out for 2 of the next 3 anyway.


Has anyone done this? Happy with the result?

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Seems reasonable to me...50 bucks around here is a half hour of labor...try and find someone to work on your stuff for that...would you?


Although I've never bought a suit from them, I've never heard a bad report about anything they've repaired. Alterations included.


Ship it off now before the holidays add two weeks to your wait.



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The availability of service after the sale is part of the attraction of buying Aerostich protective gear. I haven't needed it yet with my two-year-old suit, but I think it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

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Repair is one thing, but why not clean your suit in your own washing machine? I have "serviced" my Roadcrafter several times, including washing and renewing the water repellant, using directions supplied by Riderwearhouse. Why spend fifty bucks plus postage and put up with the delay? Just curious.


This is not to knock Aerostich. The repairs and alterations they have done for me over the years I have owned the suit have always been good and reasonably priced.

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They do a great cleaning job. As I have indicated on another thread, I recently sent in my 1-piece 'Stich (5 years old) for a cleaning and to replace a zipper that didn't work. I fully expected to pay, but they did the repair under "warranty" and apologized for the broken zipper -- class act after 5 years. As you can tell, I'm a loyal customer.

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After 8 years, I will admit to washing my roadcrafter twice. Both times were prior to sending it in for zipper and/or velcro repairs. But generally, riding in Seattle leaves me with a freshly rinsed suit, so washing isn't that important.


I spray it down with one or two cans of scotchguard in the fall. $50 for them to do it seems ridiculous. Seems to me that a lot of what you're paying for there is time waiting for it to dry.


Repairs, on the other hand, are very reasonably priced, cheap even, and it's always been A++ quality.


I have taken the suit in to Rainy Pass Repair, a goretex repair specialist here in Seattle (btw - two thumbs up), and it seemed to me they would just be "making it up as they went". Well worth the time (cost after shipping is probably a wash) to have Aerostich work on their own products.

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Mine is going to Aerostich for cleaning and some minor repairs. Although I have washed my 'stich several times, I think it might benefit from a trip back to the mother ship.





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I sent my 2 piece Roadcrafter to Aerostich after 8 years of use, and it came back looking almost new. They fixed all the broken zipper pulls and velcro. I now have it an additional 7 years and will be sending it in again for its second "service". Well worth it, and IMO this service it makes the Stich well worth the price.

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