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Updated fork assembly for '11 RTs ?


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Interesting... According according to this thread over on BMWOA.org, it appears that for '11, there was a silent upgrade of the RT's front end. If this is true, this means the RT now has the same 41mm stanchions of the GS. (I've always wondered why the RT didn't get the same 41mm as the 1200ST or GS.)


Just curious anyone know any other details about this - and if there may be other silent updates that BMW has made to the R1200 line.

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Morning Towjam


I’m not sure it was new for 2011, my local dealer says that change came sometime late in the 2010 run.


I have looked at the difference but can’t determine if the forks are in deed the GS parts or just the outer mounting is different, or if still RT specific. Looks like a different supplier on the forks so maybe just different external mountings.


Whatever is/has happened BMW chose to not make a big deal of it in advertising or promotional so a guess would be not much is gained in the overall performance.



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