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Narrow Width Touring Boots

Jim B

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I am a c width and i just tried on some Astar Roam boots and they felt very narrow. try size 46. They are not leather unfortunately but they are waterproof, and nicely insulated for 150 bucks....im gonna try them

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I had a pair of BMW Goretex boots from the late-90s and found them to be narrow. I also am retiring a pair of Sidi boots, with the three buckles. Enjoyed those too. I typically have trouble finding narrow boots. You might try the BMW Santiago boots.

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cruiser works, they sell actual "narrow" sized boots. I have a pair probably 7 years old, and they look like new. I have polished and taken care of them, done one re-sole, and they have lasted incredible well. Water proof. Can not remember the model, but it is on thier web site, I am sure.

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I also wear an 11 1/2 (size 45 Euro) in B width and most of the Sidi line of boots, with "Superfeet" insoles added, fit me like a charm. The new model, equivalent to the older model I wear, is here: http://www.newenough.com/street/boots/waterproof_sport_street_touring_boots/sidi/laguna_gore_tex_motorcycle_boots.html


FWIW, these are EXCELLENT three season boots, but the gore-tex liner makes 'em a bit toasty for summer riding.


Good luck in your search.

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I agree with Trinity. Sidi usually has a narrow design. I also wear an 11 1/2 B, and have worn Sidi MX boots. I have worn Frey Daytona of Germany in several styles for the last 20 years. I think they will make narrows too. I now need an orthotic insole(too many crashes!), and the Freys fit just fine.


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Red Wing shoes makes various boot styles in widths. West coast shoe company also makes boots in width sizes. I wear a AA width and have found boots at Red Wing to fit. You could also look up military style paratrooper boots and they come in a complete range of widths and sizes. You could also try Cabelas.com the outdoor store to see if they might have something to fit you.

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