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"Booster Plug"


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Evening OldGuy


I’ve not used an actual “Booster Plug” but have done a lot of work using variable resistors including inverse temperature reactive in the 1150/1200 Intake Air Sensor circuit.


For the most part not a lot of gain in the 1150 oilhead or 1200 hexhead as the BMW usage of the intake air temp is only for open loop operation not the steady throttle closed loop operation.


I have showed a slightly smoother light throttle operation at opening throttle movement in moderate weather but at a cost of fuel economy at above 4K and especially in cold weather.


Problem is, in closed loop fueling the intake temp input isn’t used for fueling. The Intake Temp Sensor (is) used for cold start fueling but the BMW fuel injected engine is already rich enough at cold operation start-up so with things like the ‘Booster Plug’ it goes really rich at cold start until warm engine (not good for long term engine wear).


One of the issues with using any type of Intake Air Temp fooler is the intake temp sensor is not a linear type sensor so the resistances at 80°f are so far different than the resistances at 20°f that even things like the “Booster Plug” can’t keep the gain under control.


Some people swear by the Booster Plug and some swear at it. With my testing showing very little gain when playing with Intake Sensor resistances on the BMW 1150 or 1200 I say show me the (independently tested) Dyno data if you want me to be a believer.


Some bikes like the open loop Ducati system do respond favorably to fooling the Intake Air Sensor resistance as that system relies more on intake density than the closed loop BMW’s do.


Added: In my opinion if you want the best bang for the buck on the 1150 as far a better runability and smoother throttle up goes get a Techlusion TFI fuel controller. It will take some work to get it adjusted correctly and cost a little fuel mileage but can make the 1150 boxer run like it was supposed to.




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