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Picking up a "new to me" 02 RT Wednesday....any advice.


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Hey everyone,


I am going to be picking up a used '02 RT on Wednesday. Before I get home with it I will probably have another 6-700 miles on it. The bike is a low mileage(20k) 1 owner bike. He says he has had it dealer serviced. I asked him if the brakes had ever been serviced and his answer was no it never needed service.


So with that said I know that I will need to flush the brake fluid(I plan on purchasing the JVB videos) but what else should be done? He claims it was recently serviced(basically an oil change and valve adjustment I assume) and that new tires were recently installed as well.


I'm tempted to get it home and change all fluids, lube the FD, adjust valves/TB synch to 1 get to know the bike a little better and 2 have a good starting point to know exactly what was done to the bike. I would likely wait until the cold winter months to do this and try to ride the bike a little over the late fall/early winter.


Is there anything else that you can think of that I should need to address? Would you go ahead and do the service now or wait until the 24k service when the owner that has it now says it needs to be serviced?


Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

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If he has a work order for the last service it will say what they did and at what mileage they did it.


Based on that i would decide what to do. If they did all of the fluids in the last 2k or so, i would check all of fluids and make sure they are topped off and ride it.


The brakes may need a flush but that is an hour job. You can look at the fluid and tell if it is needed really quickly or if it can wait till a cold winter spell. If it is nice and clear you will be ok to ride it till winter. If it is dark or goldish in color spend the time and change it asap.


This is what i did on my new to me '96 RT...checked fluids, rode it for 7-800 miles, then just changed everything, engine, trans, FD and brake fluids. For 50 bucks the dealer did a brake systems diagnostic test and a bleed down test just to makle sure they were good. now i just ride it...

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When was the bike last dealer serviced? Is there paperwork along with it? Brake bleeding was required, he just didnt do it appearantly. Has the bike been sitting?

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At an average of 2500 miles per year you would have to assume that it has indeed done an awful lot of sitting.


I'd have all the fluids out of it and replaced as soon as I possibly could. But then, I'm a pedant.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will know the specific history on Wednesday but all I know is pretty much what was posted. I am a little leary of doing the brake service myself because I have never bled regular brakes let alone servo brakes but I am going to purchase the dvd's and watch them then make a decision if I feel comfortable doing it. Yeah if the fluid is clear then it is probably gonna be ok for a while. I hope that he has the records indicating what specifically was done.


I am really looking forward to getting back on an RT. I had a new '02 back in the day and always regretted selling it. This bike is the same color of the one that I use to have. We are picking it up on the way to East Tn for Thanksgiving then I'll ride it around while in Gatlinburg then ride it approx 400 miles home on Sunday. I can't wait!!!

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The brake fluid indeed should have been done at the very least that the 12K service, he chose not to have the dealer do it because of the amount they charge to do the servo brakes. I'm not saying there is a problem, just that 'dealer serviced' in this case means 'owner choose what to do and what to defer'. Get the records of what was done - at the very least the dealer name so you can verify.

20K in miles to me means 3rd set of tires if they were recently done. Check the tread depth. Recent to this owner seems to mean something different to many here.

Is seller a MOA or RA member? Always seems to comfort me more if they are, I know it doesn't mean they maintain any better than a non-member, but generally do.


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"I am a little leary of doing the brake service myself because I have never bled regular brakes let alone servo brakes but I am going to purchase the dvd's and watch them then make a decision if I feel comfortable doing it"


agreed. when i got my bike i had the brakes and clutch (and alt. belt) done by the local indy. yay you pay for this but you remove the risk of downsides (damage something, do it wrong etc).

when the bike is in for the brakes they will test ride it for you and maybe notice some other pending issue.


tranny, engine oil, final drive a bit more straight forward - better jobs than the I-ABS as you ease into rt wrenching.

you can take a year to get ready for the bleeding ( and valves and tB balance) get read-up and get your tools and materials etc.


my 0.02. good luck.

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The brakes may need a flush but that is an hour job.


Really. Can you do mine for me? I'll pay you for an hour. JK, it'll take me an hour just to get the side panels and tank off!

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You asked.

I'd pass.

The owner is wrong.

The bike "needed" to have the brakes bled.

An '02 may be built in '01, even so it is 9-10 model years old with NO brake service.

Price an ABS unit before going.

REplacing lots of other things are cheaper.

In addition, early '02's were a bit grabby with the brakes.

Any BMW ABS bike with no brake service for that long is asking for a big ticket repair IMP.

You asked.


Good luck.

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If the brake fluid has never been flushed, there is a high likelihood of an ABS modulator failure. My 02 had less miles on it when I bought it. ABS mo!dulator failed within 6 months......$2500 repair. Beware low mileage I-ABS. Bikes that have sat for long periods of time.

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If he really had it dealer serviced, I would bet the brakes have been flushed. Ask for the service orders, or if not available, check with the dealer for their records.

It would be a rare dealer that would pass up the money maker of flushing the fluid. He may mean that the original pads are still in place.......Which I would believe.

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Yeah I'll talk to him in detail tomorrow. I'll probably call the dealer that serviced it to see if they can give me any info on it was well. I'm REALLY looking forward to getting this bike.

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The brakes may need a flush but that is an hour job.


Really. Can you do mine for me? I'll pay you for an hour. JK, it'll take me an hour just to get the side panels and tank off!


:dopeslap: good call out on the 1 hour, i didnt think about the 02 being the servo model that needs alot more than my 96 abs2 non servo bike. you can basically flush mine like any other bike.


My bad... :grin:

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Definitely flush the brakes; I've done it myself but lately the price for the dealer to do it has made me go that way. I forget what they charged, but the price seemed well worth it. Also, since I had a clutch slave cylinder fail this summer on my ride to the National, I would suggest having the clutch system flushed. There is a bleed hose for the system, but evidently that doesn't flush the slave cylinder properly and it must be done at the back of the transmission. 'Not much room in there, and it's hard to reach. Once again, I thought the dealers price was "worth it". Maybe your mileage doesn't require this yet, but keep it in mind. My bike had barely over 30K and the mechanic said that it had been leaking a long time.

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Hey everyone....


I picked the bike up today and managed to put ~300 miles on it(most of which was in the rain). The bike has 22k miles, a techlusion controller, throttlemeister, and a Mayer saddle. I LOVE this bike! I am going to ride it about 400 miles home on Sunday and hopefully get to ride deals gap/cherohala while I am out this way.

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well this morning I went out of the hotel to put a gerbing wiring harness on the battery(5 minute job I thought) and ended up having to take both sides of the fairings off just to get access to the battery posts. Sheshhh what a way to mount a battery. Anyway it is going to be in the 20's the next few days here so I'll be wearing my electrics while out riding.

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There is a mod that was made to the later 1150's that is retrofittable to the 1100 & 1150. It is angle bracket terminal post that brings the positive terminal out (under an insulated boot) to an area that is accessible in front of the air filter.

These are the part numbers and prices:


61137671354 EARTH PIN - M6X10 $9.32

61137672395 PROTECTION CAP $3.83

07119931050 FLAT WASHER $0.50




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