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Biketurkeyfest VI Official Check In


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IN! Little bit of rain and wind on the way home, but what a day at the Blackwater Inn on the St Johns River. Weather to die for...and eat for.


Thanks to all. We figured about 30+ attendees. Representing florida from east central, panhandle, Tally, Jax, central and the largest contingent from Tampa/St. Pete.


For me it was great to see everyone and shoot the bull. We discussed Huckleberry's and more to come.


Thanks again to all who showed up.

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You must have been behind me Brian, I hit heavy rain from about the county line to port st john, where it turned to a drizzle.


This series of rain events will stop completely by the end of the week when my rain pants get delivered.

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Made it home yesterday about 6:30 EST. Great ride, temps gradually dropped from low 80's to mid 60's by the time I rolled in...


Thanks Brian for organizing this.


No more brake fluid on the bodywork - so looks to be a non-issue. :thumbsup:

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