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Centec AP-1 issue


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Recently bought a GSA that had a Centech A-1 installed. Had one wire running to the front of the bike which I hooked up a cig. adapter to a to run my GPS until I could wire up a tank bag. Worked fine.

Got a wired up tank bag finally and wired it up today to the same wire and have no juice. Bike still starts fine etc...

I did a test of the wires, no juice. Hooked up the same cig. adapter to another outlet on the Centech. No juice.

Checked the fuses and they appear to be ok.

Kind of at an impass.

Any ideas. Is there some sort of a reset on the Centech by chance?



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Sounds as though you have something hooked up that is either shorting or drawing too much current. When this happens the ZFE module senses the over current situation and will turn off the system to protect it. In order to reset, you have to turn the bike off and let it rest itself through the normal shut down procedure and make sure you remove the offending over current item prior to re-energizing the system by turning the key on.


You need to only run a power relay off the bike circuitry. Having the mainpower run direct off the battery to the Centech by way of the power relay.


Your bike's circuitry will shut down at approximately 5 amps draw.

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After re-reading your post, can you help us with more info as to how your Centech is set up?


We need that to be definitive on your issue.

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Thanks, got it sorted out.

Seems the SAE lead the tank bag guy sent me was wired odd. (at least to me with my limited skills) There were red and brown wires so I "assumed" red was positive. As the saying goes, that's what you get for assuming anything.

Rewired and rockin.

Only thing that has me perplexed yet is that I would have sworn I was not getting power out of the Centech last night. Oh Well!

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