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I Found My Boots--Chippewa Rallies


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Since I started riding about two and half years ago, I've become a shameless gear whore. My glove collection is now in double digits and I have nearly that many jackets. My boot quest has been particularly vexing as I kept searching for the perfect all-around one for my needs.


I have everything from a pair of Harley ones (bad mistake, but the first thing I bought), some Carolina engineer boots, a couple of pairs of Xelements, and a range of European ones--BMW, TCX, and Gaerne.


I eventually realized that I did not like anything waterproof. I'm very sensitive to heat build up and I find all waterproof ones hot. I don't ride in rain that much and am satisfied to just pull on boot covers when I do. I did not want ones made in China, focusing on Italian and American ones. I didn't want sport style, but something relatively conservative in styling.


I finally honed in on Aerostich Combat Lites and Chippewa Rallies. I know the 'stiches are great but since I could get the Rallies for more than $100 less, I went that way.


They arrived today and I think I finally hit paydirt. They are comfortable (although a bit stiff at this point). They are plain, lined leather with shifter pads. They are made in the U.S. They can be re-soled. They come in multiple widths and half sizes. And I like the look. I know they are usually associated with cruiser riders, but the style will go just fine with a BMW. My only concern is with the longevity of the velcro closure.


All in all, I heartily recommend giving these a serious look even though they aren't normally something that BMW folks consider.


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I have the Chippewa boots and like them very much. They are my favorite Sunday ride boots if rain is not in the forecast. For traveling it better be waterproof.

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It's just a peculiarity of mine about being sensitive to anything that doesn't breath. . I can't even wear artificial fiber pants, whether riding pants or dress pants. I suspect these boots would be OK for a while in the rain once I treat them with Peccards. Other than that, I always have my covers.

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I have a pair of Chippewas and Combat lites. With a good "Grizzly Grease" treatment, they both are waterproof for most rain, especially on an RT.

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I have had my Chippewas for more than 10 years.


The Velcro closures on the lower boot is the weak link. They have been replaced about 3 yrs. ago.


Otherwise a fine boot. They will get a little softer with time and treatment. I do not pack walking shoes for trips.



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Local repair. Not expensive as it was the Velcro on the lower straps. The Velcro on the upper part of the boot still works just fine.


I might add that the boot fit is enhanced by that Velcro

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