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Hella FF 50 bulb change?


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Friend has them on his bike and stopped by.

One burned out bulb.

Looks like a push tab in a small slot allows the lens to be removed.

But, it looks very breakable.


Anyone had to change bulbs in these?

Don't want to be the one to break it.



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I cant be any help on the bulb replacement but this might be a good time for an upgrade. I have seen alot of guys buy the HID dual light kit and mod the FF-50 lights. If you already have a burned out bulb, it might be an option.

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I don't know what type of bulb it needs, or if it a standard one.

Was just hoping to help him out when he rides back thru here on Sunday.

We didn't take the lamp off the mount, 2 bolts, but can see all around it and there seems to be just one opening where the wire enters.

Otherwise, just the slot near a tab but the "tang" is very thin.

Makes me leery of applying much pressure.

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Remove the two flanking bolts that attach the lamp to the mount. After that, the lens/bulb housing slides right out.


FF50's use H7 bulbs.



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+1 :thumbsup:


BTW if you are looking to upgrade without going to HID, the Super white PIAA H7 replacement lights 4300K will light up your life when installed in the FF50s. Careful how you aim them- they are almost like spots.. I have a set on my VW Jetta...Had to aim them so main part of beam was 2 feet in front of the bumper to keep the oncomers happy. Still get plenty of light for visibility down the road.

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