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Rear-view helmet


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I went to their website. Doesn't look like you can buy one yet. Not a bad idea. I was originally thinking it was a camera based system... now that I've seen their reflector, I'm thinking it should be.

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Nice. I like the fact that it's based strictly on optics -- no camera, no electronics to be powered and/or fail. Passenger would probably be a problem.

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I think the myriad of things a rider has to go through are already significant enough. Adding a constantly moving distraction to the inside of the helmet that is right in front of the drivers eyes and virtually impossible to ignore, is more dangerous then beneficial. I am all for advancements and perhaps this is a good first step, but aren't most mirrors already placed in a way to benefit the rider?


Jsut my two cents.

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My question is, why?

A very small percentage of fatal accidents and accidents in general, on mc's, involve rear end collisions.

Yes, like a school bus accident, when it happens there is a lot of press coverage but most bad incidents of rear ending involve the mc at rest, stopped for traffic control.

At that time monitoring rear via mirror isn't a problem and the helmet would not be an advantage, IMO.

The intrusion into the visual field for looking ahead was annoying.

Since we are continually scanning ahead, to the side, and to the rear, our eyesa are moving constantly.

Perhaps trying one would change my POV.


BTW, I have been hit from the rear, two times, both hit and run.

So I would seem to be in the "target" audience.

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I tried one on at a mini bike show last month, a guy was selling them out the back of a van - I found it quite an eye strain to look up at the mirror assembly then out of the back of the helmet and that’s after adjusting the mirror assembly down lower. The rear view image I could see through the mirrors was very small, I though I’d spend too long looking at this small image trying to sort out what I could see and put myself at risk of running in to something ahead.


Just my opinion, but I’m definitely sticking with mirrors.


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