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Test ride video 800 GS


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Saw it up close at the National last July, met him, he signed a promo T for me. Good kid. Professional. Knows his sh*t.


What was more impressive than the 800GS was the S1000RR he rode.

Ran the thing full throttle with the front wheel locked up and on the ground. Screetching all the way across the parking lot.


Never seen anyone do that.


Good vid though, Don.. :wave:



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How does one even acquire those skills?


I mean, many times did he have to fall down and go boom, before he got it right?

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Ok, I'm impressed...

With his obvious skills and with the GS. :thumbsup:

Not so much with the Twisted Throttle top box though. Seemed to have trouble staying closed... ;)

It IS a commercial, no? :)


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For some reason, I dont think BMW designed the windshield to be used as a footrest while doing stoppies.........LOL


On a side note, maybe BMW should send this guy a bike to do some quality testing before production.

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He did an Open House here in MO. at our local dealer.Did som great tricks right in front of me including rear wheel wheely in a circle that U could measure in inches.

He talked about the bikes he uses...most of them Salvage vehicles.

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