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05 R1200 ST fuel leaking while pump running


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I have a couple cell phone pics, the second of which is absolutely horrible.


pic one

pic two


It's the elbow fitting in the middle of the first picture. If I start the engine, fuel sprays out of the connection there and starts dripping pretty quickly down onto the ground. So how much is this going to cost me?


I think it's a horrible coincidence, but I noticed this when I got home from getting a Maryland State Inspection. I called the place back and they say they don't really touch anything except measure the thickness of brake pads. Also, there's no way it was leaking like this when I picked it up because I would have noticed and they wouldn't have passed me for the inspection.

I stopped and filled the tank on the way home and didn't notice the leak at that point.


Edit: Should have looked at the parts fiche first...looks like this connector is part of the fuel pump assembly, greaaaaaat.


Edit 2: Bike has 50,575 miles on it.


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The connector can be replaced separately; you do not need to replace the entire fuel pump assembly.


Beemer Boneyard (http://www.beemerboneyard.com/) sells replacement fuel line quick disconnects made of chrome plated brass (vs. the factory plastic ones). While you're at it, I would replace the set on the return line as well (top right of pic one). Show them your pictures to make sure you get the proper sets.

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Morning dstutz


It really depends on what’s leaking as to what it is going to cost you. If fuel is spraying out of the CONNECTION then maybe it is just a nicked “O” ring and those are cheap as dirt.


Cost probably shouldn’t be a concern as it really needs to be repaired regardless of the cost as the bike could burn up if not repaired.


Here is an older thread that might cover your leaking issue.



Fuel Leak

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Thanks for the info. I browsed through the linked thread from dirtrider and was a little worried at first (about replacing pump) but my situation seems slightly different. This past Sunday I pulled the plastic off the left side to get unobstructed access to the pump and all the hoses over there. I pulled out the quick-release plug and looked it over and didn't really see anything out of place. I plugged it back in and tested it and now it's not leaking anymore. However, if I put a little pressure on it, it sprays out a little. So I'm not sure how to proceed. The fuel pump side seems fine and appears to not be a problem. I could replace the 5-6" piece of hose that comes out of this connector and into the fuel filter (without looking at the fiche, I'm assuming that silver metal cylinder is the filter...) but I don't really *see* anything wrong with the piece that's there. The o-ring is fine and wasn't marred in any way. I took an 80-ish mile ride that night and things are dry so far. *shrug* I guess I'll just be keeping an eye on it for a bit and at least I know it's not a big deal to make sure the connector is seated properly with no pressure tugging it to any side if it does leak.

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