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Let me just say...


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Man! That's amazing. I hope he lives to tell his grandchildren about it someday.


I wonder how fast he was going? Says something for ATGATT, too, doesn't it :smirk:

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One can make assumptions as to the primary cause of the crash when it happens at 2:20am. Intoxicants often make one brave, daring, foolish and immortal.

Collision reconstructionists should be able prove speed of the bike at well over 100mph. Except for a helmet, I didn't see any mention of ATGATT.

Let's hope the grandchildren of the rider don't inherit his regressive genes.

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Well, no sh*t.


two things:

1)the van was going about 65 mph

"Traveling in a Chevy Malibu in the middle lane not far behind the minivan were Charles Johnson and wife Dachari Walker-Johnson. He said they were going about 65 mph when the motorcyclist "shot past them" in the far lane."



""He (the motorcyclist) was going so fast he didn't see that van," she speculated.


How fast you have to go to do that much damage to the back of the van?


Look at the video footage at the 48 second mark.

Isn't that a firefigther sticker on the gas tank?


It was a suzuki inline 4, most likely going balls out.



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If there's one lesson I've learned from watching Cops it's not to drink beer at night without a shirt on. Bad things happen if you do.





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I hope he lives to tell his grandchildren about it someday.



You know how that story will go....


When I was your age, I was riding a motorcycle at 120 mph before I crashed...

When I was your age, I was riding a motorcycle at 150 mph before I crashed....

I think I was going 200 mph....



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The trooper giving the live interview stated that the motorcycle was traveling at a "typical high rate of speed". Obviously, we already know that, as all motorcycles are always typically hauling ass. :eek: Right?

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Florida... van driver was Jeff Stark...


I used to know (a) Jeff Stark when we lived in Melbourne, Florida... he originated the American Motorcycle Company... and ran H.M.W. service and bike parts on Rte. 192 in Melbourne. Nice guy. Hope he was not involved in this cluster...

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Just more ammo for someone to try to get HP caps set on cycles here in the states. Hope the guys pulls through, but just another idiot that makes us all look bad.

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Ugly, but not nearly as disturbing as the crash I happened upon about nine years ago.


On the way to work at about daylight, I'm crossing the Julington Creek bridge, which is about a quarter mile long, & a four lane divided by a concrete wall. On the bridge, I start seeing shredded plastic parts of varying sizes. The 'somewhat" larger pieces seemed to be those of a fairing, maybe a sportbike, as I saw some brightly colored parts. As I come over the crest of the bridge, there's the tractor part of a tractor-trailer rig stopped in the left lane. This apparently had happened only moments before my arrival, as there were no LEO, ambulance, or even backed up traffic. Anyway, what I saw shook me to the core, & had a profound effect on my riding.


The truck was of the cab-over design. What I saw were the legs of the afore mentioned supposed sport bike rider sticking out from under the cab, between that & the frame. Socks only, he had lost his shoes. I can only imagine how fast he must have been going to run into that truck that hard. The shreds were so bad I couldn't determine what kind of bike it was.


That was a bad day at work. And it affects me to this day.

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