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Radio Removal. Why leave it when it doesn't work! 1100RT


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I just can't leave something that does not function. Either fix it or get rid of it. From what I've read the radios on these bikes have never worked. The original owner had this one replaced under warranty and the new one never worked either. I thought i could make better use out of the glove box anyway. All in all not too hard of a job. The radio power and speaker wires are wrapped into another loom that travels to the starboard side of the fairing. You have to unwrap the friction tape to get the radio wires out of the loom. That's after cutting about 20 zip ties! It's nice not having the useless remote buttons on the left bar too. Does anyone have any good ideas how to use the now empty speaker areas? I'll just plug the antenna hole with something.

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My '04 RT never came with a radio so I have always had the use of the glove box. I've never thought about using the speaker areas for anything though. I'm sure you are going to lose at least a couple of pounds of weight.

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I've found the glove box to be one of the handiest features on the bike. When I got the bike I had no use for the radio (heard too many cruisers blasting at full volume I guess) so I didn't order it. MP3 players and helmet speakers of earbuds give a far better sound anyway.


I've never missed it and I don't know what I'd do without the stash of stuff in the glove box.


As for the speaker holes, bikes without radios come with neat hole filling grills. I guess you could get them off a wreck for next to nothing or put the speakers back in for the cosmetics. If you're counting ounces, pry off the magnets.

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I put an Audiovox cruise control servo unit in the space for the left speaker. It is not a project for the faint of heart but if interested check my past posts for a report on how I did it.


Regards, Ron C.

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