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Mounting spots for Driving lights?


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I'd like to put a pair of wide beam fogs on the RT, deer spotters.


I've seen them mounted under the oil cooler, but that seems to be just plastic, so I don't know about that spot. Is there something more durable under the plastic? Any clearance issues with the fender?

( bike has ESA, I've seen a few notes for various lights that say ESA only bikes?)


I also noticed a 'bracket' just above the fender where the front brake lines feed off of and wonder if this spot may work?


Pointers accepted gladly!


(did the search, didn't come up with much)



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believe z-techniks (sp) makes cylinder guards with a mounting tab for lights. never seen them up close, but been thinking of replacing the original black plastic guards i installed back in 2004.

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Won't work. I have the Z-tecs on my bike




The mounting holes would position your lights smack dab where the lower tupperware is. No clearance, even for the smallest of lights.


EZY-mounts under the oil cooler are made of metal and have a lifetime warranty, so no worries. Under the mirror as shown above is also a sweet position.



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looked at a pair online that had the mounting tab on the bottom of the curved outside protector. it was a while back so maybe i'm dreaming. they were the model for my 2004 boxer as well.

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I have the Mini Motolights installed under the fairing on my 09 RT. Motolight makes the brackets to fit the space, good setup and a surprising amount of light. Don't know about the Catz fitting there, though.

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Decided to try them under the mirrors. The lights came with a round backing plate, we'll see how it goes.


Now to decide if on a switch or on with the high beams?






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After having mine under the oil cooler, I moved them under the mirrors. This is MUCH better not only for being seen, but since the lights are higher now they put their light down on the pavement much better than when they were under the oil cooler.


These are PIAA 004XT. I think I paid $115, internet order.







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The HIGHER you can mount your lights, the better for you to see what's ahead of you.

The LOWER you mount your lights, the better for you to BE seen by others.

I have the Moto lights down on the calipers, as far away from the headlights as possible and this creates an excellent wide-spaced pattern for others to see me.

The closer your aux lights are to the headlights, the smaller the light pattern that is visible to other drivers.

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