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Celebrity deaths


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It's happening again. Mom used to say that they tend to die in "three's" and in retrospect that's just about how things have panned out.


This weekend and today saw the passing of Barbara Billingsly and Tom Bosley, who's next? I'm thinking Doris Day.

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Tell you who it won't be: Clint Eastwood. He's got another 10+ years of movie making in him, then the memoirs and interviews, and finally retirement. He'll be around for some time to come :thumbsup:


Come to think of it, he did a Dirty Harry movie on this very concept called The Dead Pool

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There is a local bar that the barflys have a pool in. They call it a deathpool. I am not exactly privy to the way it works but it does add up to some good chunks of change at times. If I were a betting man and had a little cash in the pool, my money would be on Larry King. (Some would say that is a safe bet, but he is still kickin around.) But this point is mute. I believe the first star to pass away in this run of threes was the old lady that played Rose in Titanic. I think that was no more than ten days ago she took her final cruise.



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I'm with Bob on this one; it will be someone like Paris Hilton or some other young "thrill seeking" celebrity.


You see, guys like Abe Vigoda and Larry King and even Clint Eastwood, will never die! Once you reach a certain age, if you're still here, you're pretty much staying here. Look at Bob Hope! OK, he did eventually pass away, but it was long after those who figured he'd go were themselves already deceased. Same thing happened with George Burns.


This is why Keith Richards will outlive all of us :grin:

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This is in way too poor taste to answer.


Just idle curiosity, Kenny Boy. Besides, no one escapes this planet alive and we all have to go sometime, right?

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That's easy. Got to be Keith Richards. (I've been betting on Keith for the last 25 years.)


If what I hear he said in his new book is correct, I wouldn't doubt that Mick will finish him off himself.

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