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T-shirt design


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Matt just emailed me this pic as a possible base for the t-shirt. This is more what we had in mind for the whole "X-marks the spot" thing. If we have any graphics people amongst us (not it!) please feel free to run a muck with some graphics on this bad boy. :)





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Joe Frickin' Friday



Replace the sketched bike with a cartooned/posterized late-model RT?


Surround the "X" with an outline of North Carolina, or some kind of symbol/logo for Mount Mitchell or Little Switzerland?

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Great ideas, everyone ...



I like it and would accept as is (except for needing to add BMWST or BMWST.com)! To do that I might also suggest a slight modification that just may work out better (or not - give it a try pelase and see what you think):


Top text line:

- Remove the word "UNRALLY"

- Change to read: "Little Switzerland NC"

- Recenter


Central text line:

- Super-impose "BMWST.com UNRALLY" centered over the "X"

- I think the same typeface as the outer text lines


Bottom text line:

- Leave as is



Shawn, I love the concept - esp the cartoon aspect of the bike - for the reverse graphic. Good comment from Mitch about redrawing to make it look like the 1150RT (the best looking RT ;-) of course!), but I don't think it completely necessary. I like even better where Matt took it, but I also agree with Mitch about adding the NC shape/outline (as previously discussed).




Layer 0:

- The shape of NC (solid color of choice or perhaps outline)


Layer 1:

- Bike, Dotted path, X approx over little switz

- All distributed appropriately over/within the Map


Layer 2:

- BMWST.com UNRally

- Distributed appropriately over/within the Map


Layer 3 (text):

  • Option 1:
    • - Along bottom edge of map (just below):
    • "Discovering the Treasures of the Blue Ridge"
    • A wide font (not tall) that spans the entire border
    • Same color as state map


  • Option 2: - Along NW edge of map (just above)
    • "Discovering the Treasures of the Blue Ridge"
    • A wide font (not tall) that spans the entire border
    • Conforming to that border
    • Same color as state map




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Joe Frickin' Friday
I like this flag/map. I can also incorporate Mitch's road sign easily into this...




Ooooh! I like this. Can we also add the date, or at least the year?

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"Breast logo more like this?"


I think it is more clear about this being "UNRally Ten" than the previous version. I like it.


As for the state/flag thingy above ... I really, really like that!

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Sorry I've been out of pocket the past few days. Couple thoughts:


1. I really like where these designs have ended up, but would caution that

the more colors, the more expensive the shirts. Not that it would deter this crowd, but wouldn't like to see registration cost get too exorbitant.


2. Are we still looking at that brownish color for the shirt itself? Again, not that it is the deal maker or breaker, but it's just not particularly aesthetically pleasing




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Another suggestion (since I don't have the files myself):


On the rear graphic: Try enlarging motoman graphic and then superimposing it the over top of the state, whch may better integrate the design (look less like separate images stacked one upon the other.


Shannon's point about the numer of colors is valid. However, I'm not sure I taken the brown as being a paint color. I guess I took it to be the nuetral shirt color. Which is correct?


Without the brown, this is 4 colors. I believe 3 is the magic number for printing without getting exhorbitant. If that's so, we could drop the gold in the flag (for white).


For that matter the flag could be done in monochrome half-tones (dots making for shading). But we do want at least 2 colors and probably 3 anyway for interest.

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1. Shirt color, we have been looking at keeping this semi treasure map looking, thus the parchment/paper leanings of the background color. Background color of the image will be what we are looking for in a shirt color.


2. My concern with overlaying the motorman is that with the colors and boundaries on the state, we're going to lose some clarity in the image. We can remove him all together if the overlay doesn't work or to keep the image from looking fragmented.


3. Colors... I don't know what the cost differences are, but since we have Whip who will do these at essentially his cost we have some lee way. I would prefer that we shoot for the moon on a design and then change it once we have some concrete figures.


Thanks for the thoughts folks, what else should we look at?

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1. Earthy tones ... works for me.


2. Don't spend too much time on it. Just an idea.


3. In that case, I'm sure 4 or even 5 colors will be fine with him. Too fine of detail is the only other issue with T-shirt printing (I've done a lot in my life). And our graphic isn't finely detailed.


Thanks for spending the time.

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3. In that case, I'm sure 4 or even 5 colors will be fine with him.


The colors are ok if they translate over well from what I see on my screen. We just want to be careful that they don't "pop" too much. Some of the past BMWST.com shirts have had enough color to suggest that they might have been designed by Andy Warhol on crack. :/ If that happens with this one, my shirt will most likely end up removing several coats of wax from the Tundra. lol.



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The superimposed rider looks strange to me? I don't understand what all the stuff coming off the back of the head is?


Next "issue" --- are we going to offer a women's t-shirt? (I'd like to vote 'yes' since I'm going to lose on the yellow/brownish t-shirt color ;) )



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Nobody has lost on anything, but I would certainly appreciate suggestions to make it more aesthetically pleasing.


I'm not opposed to women's shirts but we're going to need to work logos more carefully to have them work with the different cut of a lady's shirt. Not a major thing, just something to consider as we go about doing the logos.


Talking to Whip, shirts are about $6.50 each, long sleeve are $8.50 XX/XXXL $9.50. I'll get with him and see if he's got a woman's cut shirt.


Do we really need the motorcycle on the shirt?

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I asked Larry to get me a color chart for the shirts available to see what we can integrate with the logo


In the meantime, here's a couple other ideas, including one just for you ShannieMae :rofl:


Gouge my eyes out high viz for the ladies



Carolina Blue



and good ol' UN blue :lurk:


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Ok, Matt is requesting that I throw my opinion in no matter if most of you might not agree.


I personally like the moto man and want to keep it. In NC it's all about the curves and that dude makes me want to head an hour north and loose myself in second gear floggers. :) Oh, and I like the lightest blue at the bottom.



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Ok, for one thing: I can count on one hand the number of pink pieces of clothing I own ... so no-go on that high viz pink! :P


I like both the blue backgrounds alot!


And Shawn, I don't dislike the motoman ... I'm just not sure it actually looks like a motoman :dopeslap:


If we were to remove the motoman, could we put the "X" marks the spot on NC map?

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I too like both blues, but I also like the camel.


I do know the 'real' BMW motoman is indeed copyrighted, so I'm not sure we can use an exact dupe. Perhaps the one currently shown could be tweaked a bit as people have commented. And if we're going to use it and tweak it, I would even suggest making it ... a tad bigger ... more centered ... and any transparency removed (for the T-shirt version at least).


But if we don't use the motoman, I get the comment about the X and like it in general, it will probably prove awkward because as it stands right now the X would then go on top of a star, right? That might take tweaking to make that look right.


As I do this kind of stuff every day, I know it's very difficult to near-impossible to create an artistic graphic by committee that suits everyone. You guys are probably getting tired of the continuous stream of comments. But I know I speak for us all when I say we do indeed appreciate all your efforts and your taking the comments kindly (as they are all intended in that same light).



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winter may be ominous for me... I'm still contemplating surgery on the shoulder and have it scheduled for 1/6.


that'll have me riding again in time to get set for BRR.


on the plus side, I'm looking at a new job which could give me a whole bunch new benjamins to go buy something silly, something red, and italian maybe....

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