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Olympia AST Jacket $239 shipped


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Good price! Olympia makes great jackets.


After only one 1600 trip my AST was very visibly dirty. The neon yellow is obnoxious. That is just how I want it! :D



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I just got a call from the guy at Revzilla. He said that the Olympia AST jacket has been or is in the process of being discontinued and that Olympia will have a newly styled replacement model out soon.


He said that Olympia is totally sold out of the hi-viz jackets and most of the rest of the AST's.



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I got a call from a guy at revzilla today. He was going to give me a $10 credit for the inconvenience, but then after talking with him I got the medium and he said they had 1 left and he shipped it today. I have marked motogearoutlet as a good supplier, their price was about the same as the revzilla site.


Too bad it wont be here for this weekends ride in the rain. I guess I will be riding with a rain coat over my mesh armored jacket.



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