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Matts_VStrom is a poser...& I have proof.....


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He was an "instructor", while Knifemaker & myself were photogs at the annual BMWNEF Sport Touring School held at JenningsGP . Enough with the intro, here's the poser himself....


"I pledge allegiance, to the rookies of which I'm about to school"...




And here's THA POSE.




On the other hand, he did a dang fine job of representin' RideSmart.




On a final note, I do like the reflection in his face shield...even though you can't see me. :grin:

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gOOD jOB, Matt ..!


for a second you almost had me thinking you stole my blue POWER RANGER riding suit.!!


(*some will know of what I speak*)

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motorcycle + rider = how long until this thread is moved?


Looking good, Matt!


Not long...



That looks like it was a fun day.



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Hey Jealousy!!!!!!!!!!



That was a lot of fun, none of my students left the track and sometimes when you're playing follow the leader and the group isn't allowed to pass the chick on the KLR650 you can get a little bored.


Great photos Danny and Bill, I really need to wash my bike I think. Hey Phil, you're not too busy are you? How's about lendin' a hand?



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You looked good out there, Matt. Certainly a lot better than some, ahem, instructors. For your entertainment, I submit the following.


I here he's pretty good on a dirt bike, though. This was on the first lap of the first session, & he was going pretty slow.






Not a GS.




Wannabe GS.




To my knowledge, no one fell down in spite of several off track excursions. T'was a fun day indeed.

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