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Steve's Most Expensive Day Ride Ever!


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Ok, so here was the plan...a quick two day road trip of the lesser traveled roads of California's central coast. A "head clearing" ride after a LONG week at work was just what I needed. But, as John Lennon said, "Life is what happens when you are busy making plans." :clap:


The day started out uneventfully. Eager to get out of the rain, Bikeopotamus and I headed inland at CA 33...Soon I was above the drizzle and heading for warmer regions...



Over the summit at Mt Pinos the riding was superb-no gravel on the roads and no snow yet!



After dropping down off the mountain, I had choices to make:



I chose CA 33. My stomach was starting to rumble, and when that happens there is no better place to stop than Tina's in Maricopa. You can't miss Tina's Cafe, it is one of the few stores still open in "downtown" Maricopa. Tina is a real person who sings beautifully while she cooks. I love stopping here.



I reviewed Tina's here: www.ridesroadsandeats.com Check it out and send me some comments about my websited-I'm new at this and always looking to improve my skills.


I am an off-pavement noobie, so I thought I'd go here:





Here are a couple of shots from the Soda Lake Overlook. It was a little hazy in the valley, but I liked the reflection of the foothills in the water. It was probably spectacular at dawn!



I was by myself, so I trained a kangaroo rat to take a picture of me:



I was heading out to CA 58, and decided to explore Seven Mile Road on my way out...



It was fun riding off pavement and I didn't have too many difficulties, but sand really scares me. I don't know how to ride in it, so when I hit the stuff, I tense up which is exactly the wrong thing to do!


It was a great ride so far...weather was comfy, almost zero traffic, and the scenery was great. It was all perfect, so far! :S


It's fun to blast along CA 58, but it's easy to get lulled into the wide open, high speed spaces. The highway is straight with great views until you reach two very sharp curves. I wonder how many people missed this one?



For you cow fans:



Off, CA 58 I found this little gem. I could tell you the name of the road, but then I'd have to kill you...:lol3



Eventually I dropped down into Atascadero, off CA 41. I think I could live here! The roads are amazing, and bbq places are plentiful!



By now, it was later in the afternoon, so I decided to head back to the coast and check out Morro Bay. From here, I was intending to head north. I am glad I didn't, because my GSA had other plans... :dopeslap:


The sea otters are now plentiful in the bay. A far cry from 15 years ago!



Ok, time to head south on CA 1. Why didn't I head north to Big Sur? Something told me to find lodging in San Luis Obispo. Four miles south of Morro Bay I was cruising at about 70 mph when I heard a large metallic explosion!


The bike started to wobble and shake violently as I gingerly let off the gas and steered to the shoulder. I put Bikeopotamus in neutral and she ran fine. I fished around for first gear and slowly let the clutch out. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Just a sound of large rocks turning around in a metal trash can...


So how much did the ride cost?

$10.00 for breakfast

$35.00 for gas

$560.00 for tow back to Glendora (226 miles)

$$$ New transmission???




In all a great ride, but I've never spent quite this much money on a day ride before! :rofl:


Ride safely,


Ride safe,

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My guess would be the driveshaft.


With bike on the centerstand and running (With the rear wheel off the ground), put it in gear and let the clutch out. If it's the driveshaft banging around, you should be able to feel it in the swingarm.


The other likely thing would be like Phil said...Input shaft splines.

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Yep, it was a great ride....right up until the time whatever it was that blew up, blew up!


I'm pretty philosophical about it. I had a nice ride home in a very comfy monster Ram diesel with an entertaining young guy named Sergio. His family has a place in Tecate, Mx, so I have another place to stay in Mexico! Plus he bought me In n Out....


The other thing is, never had a breakdown, ever in 220K miles so I was probably overdue!

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Shell rd. Lovely.

Whatsa matter, you don't know anyone with a trailer to help when opatamus dies?

I heard the sound of transes going to Austin too. I was lucky enough to stick in 4th are ride home. 1st time at 395/14 intersection , 2nd time at Magic Mountain. Maybe I was lucky to find a gear that would work.....1st and 5th were history.

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What a nice towing rig for a motorcycle. The only time I called a wrecker for the bike, he showed up and was willing to drag it up the incline and strap it down on its side. That was for a flat tire.





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Hi guys,


Not Shell Road...but it could have been! I was hoping I could find a gear I could have limped a few miles closer to home, but no joy. With the clutch out, a tremendous racket but no forward motion!


I had little cell phone service to call unfortunately. Next time I hope to find someone who has a trailer. But, I hope there is never another time! :rofl:


BMW wants $3100 for a new tranny, but hope to buy one at Beemer boneyard if I need one.




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Tech day at Steve's place!!!!!!!!


This will be fun!!!!!!!


Prolly two tech days....one to tear it down and find the problem, then another one after the parts are purchased. Just glad this didn't happen in Mexico, or the Carizo Plain someplace!



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Well, I would NOT be the one to ask about riding in sand... just saying. :)


We finally picked up the koa/allstate road service plan earlier this year. With the miles we do, and the bikes out of the bmw 3 year window, figured it was a reasonable approach. Also our 4 wheeled transportation is getting older.


Glad you had a nice ride, and hope the fix proves reasonable.

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Hi Steve. Nice ride tale except for the broken bike part. I"m glad Tina"s is still open, shes been having a hard time lately. Your web page looks great by the way. The road you took looks like the 229 that is paved real nice for a off the beaten path type. I think a senator or congressmen must have a ranch in there somewhere. Good luck on fixing your bike.

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With 220K miles, you done good. Could be considered normal wear. These things last but do need an occasional part swap. Happy bike dismantling, when do the festivities begin so we can come watch a bikeotomy?

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Sorry about the bummer ending ...

But thank you for sharing those lovely photographs! Almost makes me miss Northern California!

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I'm thinking along the lines of Rad and Russell....fragged drive shaft/u joint...


There is some tech skill in So Cal-I love my dealer in So Cal, but I'm trying to save money for a newer bike as well. Maybe I can schedule a tech day and you are all invited to help/watch/or offer advice. :clap:

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Steve, sorry about the mishap.


Prob U-Joint, with the way you said the bike jumped around.


You no doubt you can handle this work, it's not that diff. Get someone for moral support.(Sneak a peak, pull the boot back.)


Good luck to ya, and great pic's BTW.



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Tech day at Steve's place!!!!!!!!


This will be fun!!!!!!!


Who are you trying to kid? You won't be at any tech day anytime soon ya big cheerleader! :rofl:


Sorry about the bike Steve. Guess it was just your turn. Jamie's afraid to do a tech day at your place. He's afraid SD County will burn down like it did when we were at your place in 2003.

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Hi Les,


It's just bad timing...all of the local talent is busy right now, though it would have been great to see friends again, even in this circumstance!


I will be towing the bike to the dealer. I think it's the drive shaft and hopefully not much more. Ouch! :dopeslap:$$$




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So, Steve, do you have a diagnosis?


The kangaroo rat training fits perfectly with your other thread, the retirement one. There's not an RT rider on the planet wouldn't buy one trained to change headlight blubs. They'll fit nicely in the glove box, or in a pocket. Given your problems, 1BMW's, and Limecreek's recent unpleasantness, I think I have enough reasons to shop for an emergency backup bike...a 2000 VFR would be perfect.... Thanks.





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