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valve cover washers


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anyone know where I can find the steel washer that goes over the grommet on the valve cover bolt, bmw only sells the bolt with the washer

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Its not a flat washer- has a curved lip to help retain the rubber seal under it. Rubber cold flows and if you compress it with a retainer, over time it will thin and and loosen.


No idea where to get an exact duplicate.

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It's a cup washer, try here http://www.beemerboneyard.com/

or bite the bullet and order the bolt/washer - gromet/washer however BMW sells it or as suggested to a specialty store and see if he can match it (might have to buy in bulk so that could be pricy) or go to a salvage yard and hunt down an auto with the same style, you might have to drill the center to match the bolt.


That's all I got but why are you yelling (caps)?

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