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Unfortunate missstake


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Word from the Board of Elections this morning that it was all the machines across all the city, not just in certain areas. They are reprogramming the machines, but that will take until Wednesday, meanwhile early voting continues with the mis-programmed machines. And of course they are pointiing to the 'third party vendor' as being the source of the problem.

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Could be worse. I was just down in Westport Wa yesterday. Rick Hole is running for Assessor.


Who names their kid Rick Hole? And then he's running for Assessor of all things! Sortof sums up all politics in one neat little package, if you ask me.


Rick Hole for Assessor



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Seems no one proof reads anymore. We're just going through municipal elections in our province and stories like this surface almost daily. Locally a business contracted to supply E-voting documents to voters via mail folded the voting form in a C instead of a stipulated Z thereby exposing both the voter's name and address together with the private security pin number. :dopeslap:

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s "Rich Whitey".


We have a couple of those trying to get voted in in California. Why do rich whiteys want to be elected? haven't they buggered society enough getting rich?

No one gets rich being altruistic but some get generous after they've attained so much they are ashamed. Like Andrew Carnegie

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