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Silver Surfer/AKAButters

Excellent news!


Phil, you need to takle it down a notch. She needs you.



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what day? Jamie said she was due at christmas, thats 12 wks early.
Amelia was born yesterday after Jamie had early and unstoppable contractions. Very premature as you say, she weighed 3lb 12oz (if I remember right from Phil's FB posts).


Congratulations and the best of luck to all three of them.

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Jamie /Phil, congratulations :clap:


,when we were in the neonatal unit with our youngest daughter we saw one that was down around 500gm, they pull through,


its going to be stressful for a while but we are praying for you and Amelia



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My nephew was born 13 weeks early and was only 2#8oz...he has a little asthma and is a bit sensitive to loud noises, but even those he is out growing and is quite a healthy little guy at 8 yrs old and doing great.


A close family friend has a little girl who was born at 26 weeks, and was on a bit over 1 pound. YES it was a very tough and long road, BUT....now my daughter teaches a dance class and that beautiful, now 9 yr old, little girl is in my daughters dance class and is one of her best students.


My wife is an RN and has worked in L&D, and she has seen babies as early as 24 weeks survive...so 28 weeks is a tough road, but has a very HIGH rate of success and a healthy future...


I am new on this site and i dont know Phil yet....and i sure hope this post has NOT sounded incensitive at all....I truley mean it as an encouragement to Jamie and Phil, that while it is going to SEEM tough for a little while.....IT WILL ALL be WORTH IT...and i am sure that Amelia will do well....


Best wishes and prayers


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"....for every child born is a potential Prince (or Princess) of Peace." R.D. Laing


Joy and Congratulations!!!! :clap::clap::clap::clap:


And add my prayers....

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