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Pannier Disassembly?


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Apologies if this was covered elsewhere - please redirect me if so.


Opening my right sidecase on my 05 r12rt the other day I heard a snap as I pulled up on the tab. Thereafter the 2 halves would not stay closed.

In attempting to separate the inner from the outer portions on the inner half (where the mechanisms reside) I removed all the visible screws, but to no avail. What am I missing? Do I need to drill out the pop rivets? And/or do the mechanisms/locks need to be in a certain configuration?


You collective wisdom is most appreciated!



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No, nothing needs to drilled, grinded or cut. Just unscrew everything you see. Prepare yourself to be amazed, flabbergasted, frustrated & overwhelmed at the complex, apparently un-assemblable, dirty & sophisticated assembly of German mechanisms that will reveal itself to you (if it doesn't all fly apart) when you separate the 2 halves.



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A month ago or so I could not open one of my panniers and the other one was very difficult to open. Took it in on warranty, they replaced the mechanism on both.


The total cost if it wasn't under warranty would have been $175.00 including parts and labor.

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Limecreek - thanks! That will help during re-assembly.


Helpful hint #1: Make sure ALL screws are removed.


Helpful hint #2: Slide a credit card or other hard flat surface under the 'deckelhalter' or spring loaded case retainer strap before removing lest you end up with a pile of spring steel spaghetti (like me).


Turns out the pull "tab" was the culprit. There is a plastic cam the broke off. I'm ordering parts tomorrow and based on feedback here will calmly attempt to reassemble before handing the whole thing off the the dealer. :-)




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