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Question on shocks - Get compression adjustment or not?


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I am thinking of getting Wilbers. Options are:


  • Basic shock
  • + Preload Adjustment
  • + Compression Adjustment


I believe I will want the preload for sure. My questions, for those of you who have the compression adjustment are, how often do you use it? Would you miss it if t weren't there?




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I have compression and rebound damping on my track bike, but only rebound damping on the BMW (Works). I don't really miss having the compression adjustment on the street bike, since it's a 'set it and forget it' situation 99.9% of the time. The track bikes gets changed around for different conditions, so having the adjust-ability is nice.


Are you the kind of person who likes to fiddle with things, or would you rather set something once and leave it alone? I prefer the ability to change things, as opposed to shipping the shock back to the manufacturer or seller to fix something that's bothering me.

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I always thought compression damping was mainly to keep the shocks from bottoming on severe potholes or in dirt riding. Any amount of compression damping that you set will affect the plushness of the ride, which may not be desireable on street, unless you ride some bad streets. On the race track, I can see how this would help in tuning the suspension for high speed curves, etc., but for street.......its also more expensive! :eek:


Of course, you ARE getting rebound damping---right?

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The more adjustments you have on a shock, the mo bettah you can set it for your uses. Plush for solo and 2-up baggage full. And just right for the track if you want to take a touring bike to the track. Logic escapes me on that one...

The more you do to get it right, the less you'll have to complain about latter

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I am both. I like to fiddle with things to the point of obsession. But then I can go with out touching. I know I have played were little with the damping and pre-load of the stock shock.




I guess they come with damping. Will have to fire another question.



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The diff in price is about 280. I suppose over the life of the shock, that is pennies a day, at most. always have a hard time just bitting the bullet.




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