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Question for 2010 RT 1200 owners???


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Got my new 2010 RT about 4 months ago. Right after I got it the right turn signal quit working. I fooled with it on and off all day with no luck. The next day it worked perfect and has worked for 3000 miles. Today it quit again. Just curious if anyone has had this problem with the newer single point tunr signal switch.

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There have been a lot of problems with the new switchgear. I would take the bike to a dealer, but do telephone the dealer to let him know, so that he can get any necessary parts in.

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I too have had problems with the new switch gear.


The first thing to go was the horn, that was replaced, and now I have issues with the high beam switch. The passing part works, but to switch the main beam on, doesn't!


Out of curiosity Does anyone have problems with the seat heating? My heater is very slow, and my wife's does not always stay on.

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My 2010RT, 9800 miles, fuel strip failed at delivery. Dealer replaced at 600, but couldn't calibrate. Dealer calibrated at 6000, but still didn't work. 9000 replaced with 3rd strip and calibrated. No joy.

BMW NA said there was nothing they could do technically to assist. Dealer now waiting for new SW from BMW.

Also, cruise works intermittently. Set function is ok, but the decrease or resume don't work. Dealer has ordered new switch.

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Thanks guys. My son has owned 3 BMW cars. Sounds par for the course for the MFG as his car electronics also seem to have a mind of their own. Love the bike and wouldn't trade it for two of any Japanese sport touring bikes. However, their electronics are bullet proof. These things just don't happen with and Metric bike I have owned.

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