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Green with red stripe wire?


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So I found the wire that caused the fire...green with red stripe. Looks like it goes to the dash lights on the right.


After the main wiring harness change the gear indicator light does not display the gear. Could that green with red stripe wire be the gear dispaly?


Any idea what could be the issue with no gear indicator?



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Hi Mark

The only Green / red stripe I can see on the Haynes diagrams goes from the Sidestand switch to the kill switch on the R1100RT.


The wiring from the gear sender to the RID is:-

Solid brown,

yellow / black?,

yellow / white &

yellow / green


Hope this helps

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Yes Sir...the Phoenix is running. Rode her home last night.


The gear indicator is not working...but other than that...she seems fine.

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There is one more connector. On the original harness there is a plug that is strapped to the frame by the left black removable triangle. Find the cable that runs from the switch on the back of the transmission toward the back of the bike (left side). It's a 4 wire cable that has a oval plug. Match up these bad boys and you will have your gear indicator.

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