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Airbag vest


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Anyone tried one of these?




I did buy one and have been riding with it for a couple of weeks now. I typically wear either Rev'it Scirocco jacket and pants or Olympia Phantom one piece anyway but have added the vest as well. I had one get off a couple of years ago that resulted in separated ribs and figure that I might have come out of that one unscathed if I had been wearing the airbag vest at the time.


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Have one,have not had to"USE"it:grin:

Bought the hi viz version.




I have a Hit-air vest too and I wish the Hi-Viz version had been available when I bought. I tend to wear it only in the winter and find it too hot in the summer despite the mesh.

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I have had to use it 3 times on the race track, 2 high sides and 1 low side all at 60 mph +. All the injuries I had were a bruised left elbow and a bruised right hip. Was back at work Monday no problem :clap:

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