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One-way ride through Colorado, S. Dakota, & Wyoming


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Returned from a week-long ride through the beautiful scenery of north Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Posted a video collection of still photos and video clips on Youtube.



There were three of us on bikes rented from an EagleRider franchise. We got great deals on the bikes ($50/dy) since they were one-way specials from Denver to Jackson, WY. We did a similar ride last year through New England. On that ride I got a R1200GS. Unfortunately, for this ride only Harleys were available, and I took a Road King. Although I own an RT and have always bad-mouthed Harleys, I have to admit that it was a decent ride: few instruments, low on power, but very comfortable. Handling was not as bad as I thought. The Harley's heavy engine idle vibration smoothed out at speed and was then no worse than my bike.


We went through Rocky Mt NP, Custer State Park, Black Hills, Badlands, Yellowstone NP, and finally Grand Tetons NP. We tried to plan our overnight stops where brewpubs could be found nearby. Yellowstone was the highlight of the trip, but all the parks were great cycling. The video shows our itinerary.

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John Ranalletta

Very nicely done. Enjoyed it, but not as much as you did the ride.


We rented a HD in SLC years ago for a ride in the mountains. Great bike.

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