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Problem with '05 1200RT


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Got this intermittant problem with my '05 1200RT, for the past month, but not all at the same time.

After activating left blinker, it will not cancel...fiddle with lever and eventually it clears. Have tryed pressing but just ends up with both on.

ESA works then doesn't work...cruise control works then doesn't work.

Anyone else experienced this??

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Silver City Bob

Have same bike with same problem. I found that sometimes I have to lift the switch (use thumb the backside of the switch) to get the switch back to the normal position. Tried to free the switch with some WD40 which seems to help but I suspect short of a new switch assembly it will still stick at times.

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I can't say that I've had the same issue but on my Mexico trip I did have a weirdness with the emergency blinkers in conjunction with the turn signals. I figured it was due to moisture from an all night rain because after the sun warmed up the air about mid-day the problem went away and has never returned.

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I had problems with the switch on my 2005 in the rain. A blast of WD40 would fix it up. In my case I could not turn off the left turn signal. The switch was replaced under warranty and the issue went away. I have read elsewhere that the seal on the switch used on the 2005 is subject to cracking and failure allowing water in. Try a squirting a bit of WD40 in it to see if that helps. Hopefully you can avoid replacing the switch as my recollection is that the switch is pretty expensive.

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I think all BMWs use a very similar turn signal control logic that is solid state and requires only a very small leakage-to-ground (i. e. a hi resistance) in the switch wirings to lock up the logic.


I wrestled with the turn signals on my R1100RT (you can see over at the BMWMOA site) & finally replaced the turn signal switcher with a Kisan Unit. Problem solved. But the BMW unit also then worked. Go figure......


It has been a humid summer. Has yours ever been near salt?

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Thanks ya'll, has been suggested to replace the turn signal...however with the cruise control and ESA also actin' up, dealer said may to replace "multi-switch"...just the name sounds expensive.

And like Bob I can cancel signal by pullin' it back.

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Similar issue a year ago; got caught in torrential rain returning from the fall BRR. Among a host of other things electric, the left turn signal stopped working altogether; up to then an occasional shot OF WD-40 got everything clicking again, but not this time.


Apparently '05 RT's are known to have this issue (I was so informed after the fact). Checked with the dealer(s), Beemer Boneyard & several other resources but no matter the source, it was not going to be an easy fix.


The short version of all this is several Board members (Angel, EricTheAwful, Silver Eagle & Edgar) came over & we got everything working again.


Edgar specifically worked on the left turn signal & brought it back to life. No issues at all since then' & no expensive repair bill.


Probably worth a pm to Edgar (Gary) & ask him what he did: I do remember him tearing into a little white ball mumbling "Aha" & "That oughta do it", & he was right. Something about bending the plunger to make contact; whatever he did, no additional/replacement parts used, just his ingenuity & willingness to take the entire switch assembly apart to find out what was wrong. I sure as hell didn't have a clue.


Works like a charm, even in the rain!

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I have read elsewhere that the seal on the switch used on the 2005 is subject to cracking and failure allowing water in.


That is precisely what happened to mine a year or so after getting it. I didn't get it warrantied as I should have. I ended up repairing myself by cannibalizing a spare switch.

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