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Custom bike builder: Shinya Kimura

Joe Frickin' Friday

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Very cool video. I really like steam punk design, and his bike fits right in there.


Love his solution to the exhaust headers and muffler. Fits the bike perfectly.


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Saw his stuff at Legends of the Motoercycle in Half Moon Bay. Fantastic. On a ride from Sacto to SD I stopped off at his shop in Asuza. Love his look, creative parts use and metal finishes. Small shop. Tools and parts in process everywhere. it's a beautiful mess. His girlfriend, a couple guys hanging out watching me look like a kid in a candy store. They're antzy to split somewhere but polite...they wanna go but this dude (me) is tripping on the scene. I finally "get it" and offer to leave, sadly. If I ever had money to drop on a piece of art...that's where it'd go. If I wasn't electronically challenged, I'd post a couple pix.

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