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San Diego to Cabo


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Well it's time.. I think to ride the Baja, well the roads of the Baja to Cabo on the RT. Have two weeks in January that I will be vacationing in Cabo so I am thinking that I should just ride down. Looking for some info. Weather? Will I run into snow/rain/sleet/hail or other crappy weather? how many days to get there? I am not to worried about crime and the like, I plan to get away from the border and mind my own business. Nothing to hide so the check points will be no big deal to me. Thanks!

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Urban Surfer

A group of us from the frozen north did that ride a few years ago in early February.

We had no problem with the weather, it was warm. If I were to do it again, I would allow about 50% more time to get any where than I would normally take.

I ran into some huge pot holes that looked like meteor craters and bent both rims, and sheared off the hanger on one saddle bag.

It was a speedy and eventful trip that I will never forget.

We had some trouble, and when we do it again we will be much more careful in every respect.

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Now I am wondering ... what trouble? How long did you plan, and how long did you take, or think is a better plan? Were you doing mostly paved roads? What were you riding?


Thanks Chuck

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Silver Surfer/AKAButters

I made that trip 20 years ago. Gorgeous and highly recommended, although at that time, roads were unpredictable and the gas was horrible. Also, I'm just wondering, are there any travel alerts issued for Baja at this time? I know that traveling mainland Mexico is considered risky right now. You might want to check the Department of State website.

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The weather ought to be ok. The travel alerts are for Europe. And certain parts of mainland Mexico.

But the roads may be in any state of disrepair. That is where the gs models do better than road bikes, with steel rim tires.

Gas ought to be ok, just use Magna not Nova, or is it Nova, not Magna?

The locals will tell you, in Spanish, but they also point and shake their head, so it should be easy.

And fun.

Oh, I guess some people get Mexican insurance, too.


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